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I was just searching on here for something totally unrelated, and I couldn't believe the amount of pro-annorexia/bulimia etc sites/groups/whatever you call them.

What the Hell's wrong with the world!?
1. Put your music player on shuffle
2. Press forward for each question
3. Use the song title as the answer

How am I feeling today?
Nine In The Afternoon - Panic At The Disco

Where will I get married?
Love Song - The Cure

What is my best friend’s theme song?
Paint It Black - Vanessa Carlton

What was high school like?
Glass - Joy Division

What is the best thing about me?
She's So Lovely - Scouting For Girls

How is today going to be?
Somewhere Only We Know - Keane

What is in store for this weekend?
Crocodile Rock - Elton John

What song describes my parents?
Weekend Warriors - A Change Of Pace
Wahey, my parents are ninjas =D

How is my life going?
Same Blood - The Academy Is...

What song will they play at my funeral?
Grenade Jumper - Fall Out Boy
If i'm killed by a bomb, that's just taking the piss!

How does the world see me?
Slave - Silverchair

What do my friends really think of me?
Just A Dream - Maybridge
Ah bless 'em!

Do people secretly lust after me?
Bury Me In Black - My Chemical Romance

How can I make myself happy?
Being From Jersey Means Never Having To Say Sorry - Cobra Starship

What should I do with my life?
Perfect - Simple Plan
It's far from it tbh XD

Will I ever have children?
Fall Away - The Fray

What is some good advice?
Mercy - The Fray

What do I think my current theme song is?
A Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World
Woo! Praise me, homies!!

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Amazed - Lonestar

What type of men do I like?
Surrender - Billy Talent
The wimpy type, apparently!

Will I get married?
Let The Bridges Burn - Killswitch Engage
Will do...

What should I do with my love life?
From Safety To Where...? - Joy Division

Where will I live?
Break It Out - The Rocket Summer

What will my dying words be?
Someone To Save You - OneRepublic
Haha bit late for that!

How’s my day going so far?
On The Other Side - The Strokes
The grass is always greener...

How’s my love life?
Piano - Glassjaw

When your life turns upside down,
When your troubles overtake,
When everything you know is different,
And your demons all awake.

Is there someone in the sidelines,
Who's waiting for your call?
Your everyday superhero,
Who'll never let you fall.

They're there to share the good times,
When everything is right.
And if anything attempts to trouble you,
They're there to fight your fight.

And when wind picks up they're ready,
They'll never let you down.
It's good to have the feeling,
That there's always someone around.

And when life becomes your enemy,
And everyone else does too,
And when nothing else seems worth it,
And all you want to do,

Is end this pain and sadness,
With one sharp twist of the blade,
Your hero's always ready,
To clear the mess you've made.

But what happens when all you rely on,
Is suddenly no longer there?
When the only one you could ever talk to,
No longer seems to care.

Should you have seen this coming,
And prepared yourself in time?
Or did they just simply loose themselves,
And wander off the line?

Have you lost them to someone less troubled,
Or maybe to yourself.
Perhaps they think you're fine now,
You no longer need their help.

But for once they cannot see,
What's going on inside,
Where beneath your surfaced smile,
You feel like a part of you's died.

As you stand back and watch them walk away,
See the best friend that you'd ever know,
You think inside your lonely mind,
"There goes my Everyday Superhero."
 This is about a boy who is bullied and ends up going on a highschool massacre.

Was it you I saw just standing there?

The sky was the colour,

The colour of your hair.

Your eyes glinted blue

But your soul was deep red.

“Nobody's left,

The society's dead.”

Was a bold step to take for a broken heart

You were left and rejected,

Inside, torn apart.

The world didn't owe you,

And you didn't owe them.

If they'd just got to know you,

There might be some left.

But they had their chance,

Washed away with your dream.

They fought up against you,

There was no one between.

She should have been yours but they took her heart,

Another casualty,

Another scar.

Now all that's left is a boy and his mess,

A broken disaster,

A heart's revenge.

So I'll stay with you,

An innocent hour.

We'll see this through,

We'll fight them together.


A broken plate, a father sighing,

And in the corner, a young boy crying.

A mirror smashed into a thousand bits,

`Great, another seven years of this shit!'

The small boy dabs at his tear stained eyes,

A bruise is forming and so is a lie.

`I walked into a door, I fell down the stairs.'

If nobody knows then no one can care.

`I'm sorry, Dad,' the boy gently whispers.

`Shut up!' The man snarls. `You'll wake up your sister.'

`I'm off down the pub, I'll be back soon,

Now clean up your mess, then get to your room.'

The boy was cradling his badly cut arm,

And watching his father who still looked quite calm.

`And if you're still here by the time I get back,

I swear I'll make that other eye black.'

And with that he went,

Without a single care,

Leaving his fourteen year old son

Agonized and scared.

This had happened before, so many times,

But now he'd gone too far,

He'd crossed the line.

This was all he could take,

It had to end now.

He knew what to do,

He just didn't know how.

Then his eyes came to rest on the perfect tool,

A cookery knife that he'd stolen from school.

He put the knife to his wrist and dragged the blade,

Blood was flowing from the cut that it made.

A note of pain caught his shallow breath,

`It'll soon be all over,' he whispered to himself.

`In a few more minutes all the lies that I've told,

Will no longer matter,

I'll never grow old.'

And sure enough, when his father returned,

All he found was his son,

Lifeless and cold.


We've marched alone for so many years,

Now our hearts are cold,

Our faces old.

And now nobody will shed a tear for our tragic souls,

Cos they're all gone.

And our father's footprints

Echo on in our lonely, silent minds.

And destruction is what beckons us,

And destruction's left behind.

And they tell us now we've had our fill

Living on the blade of a knife,

Now we've killed all the innocence that we can kill,

Now it's time for us to live our lives.

Well I can't go back tonight,

Now my future Is out of sight.

Well the children,

They won't sing again,

Now there's no one to hear them,

There's no one left.

For all the things that we've done, we'll take with us,

And they'll never leave us,

We'll never trust anyone,

Cos the ghosts of our past will stay,

We'll never shake them,

They'll never die.

They might have spared or lives

But this'll never end

Cos since that bomb went off,

I'll never live again.  

So he lays in that coffin
as dead as her eyes,
just a tourist attraction
for each eye that cries.
This is what he would've wanted,
no, this is your lies,
even in death he is living
this pretentious life.

When each scale evens out
with each birth, dies another,
when it finally affects you
in one way or other,
do you feel any better,
or is this another
line that you didn't write?

But forever they'll tell us
we don't need the torch,
the crutch is a burden,
our strength reinforced.
Oh, but just once i want it,
i need to be stabalized.

Come watch life through my eyes.

Well there'll always be someone who's as broken as you,
and he'll always try fixing your heart, torn in two.
But to make his mark left,
is this what he should do?
Perhaps he should break your heart too.

'Cos forever we'll find these purpose built lovers,
who seek their soul partners just to break each other,
forever and never is a promise i'll take,
if you promise to laugh, watch me break.

'Cos forever they'll tell us
we don't need the torch,
the crutch is a burden,
our strength reinforced.
But just this once i want it,
i want to be stabalized.

Come watch life through my eyes.

So now i can tell you what we aim to acheive,
if a life is a prison then why not break free?
But what lies beyond is far beyond me,
so how do we know that it's free?

Just keep telling yourself
this is just what you wanted,
a scar to display,
and a broken heart flaunted.
A glamourous suicide
glitters and taunts you,
A beautiful way to die?

Or is this all just a lie?

Well come watch life through my eyes.

You'll destroy all for which that you fight.

Yeah, i'm  new to LJ so i've kinda flipped out on all the pretty colours available, but bare with me, i'll get bored soon, i promise!
Whyy is it so hard to make a moodtheme set!?

"This was supposed to be my first journal...but i just fudged that up so...fudge it, let's all have fun, let's mingle....owowowowowowow!"
~ Eminem dude! My